A guide to the most common paper and envelope sizes.

Our most common paper sizes, envelope sizes, and folding options are listed below, but we can also accommodate custom sizing for any job, so if you have something different in mind, get in touch!

Paper Size Dimensions
Business Card 90mm x 55mm
A7 74mm x 105mm
A6 (Postcard) 105mm x 148mm
DL 99mm x 210mm
A5 148mm x 210mm
A4 210mm x 297mm
A3 297mm x 420mm
A2 420mm x 594mm
A1 594mm x 841mm
A0 841mm x 1189mm
A series paper sizes
Envelope Size Dimensions
DL 220mm x 110mm
DLX 235mm x 120mm
C7 81mm x 114mm
C6 114mm x 162mm
C5 162mm x 229mm
C4 229mm x 324mm
C3 324mm x 458mm
C2 458mm x 648mm
C1 648mm x 917mm
C0 917mm x 1297mm
C and D series envelope

Still not sure what size you need? Our staff can provide expert advice and suggestions for how to make the most of your prints.

Contact us to discuss our print options or for advice on how to make your first impression worth remembering.

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